Focuss Service Group is a highly motivated and skilled group of professionals. While we have several regional support offices, Richmond, Texas (headquarters), Corpus Christi, Texas, Saskatchewan, Canada and Cartagena, Colombia, we are pursuing the convenience of a branch office in the Greater Brazosport Area as well. Focuss provides three major business units, Safety, Security and Professional Services; each having an exhaustive list of service lines. The easiest way to describe us is: "If it takes a unique person or group with a unique skillset to execute a special outcome, we deliver that person or group; and assure the outcomes."  


It is a strategic pursuit for Focuss to invest in the local communities and support local contractors and owners in being successful in delivering projects, protecting assets and improving safety performance.  

We look forward to working with our hometown people and doing great things together!  

If you need one special skillset, security or safety improvement project or an entire project management team, contact us today. 

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